A Quick Word About Basting

Careful basting of the quilt beforehand is absolutely essential so the quilt layers won’t shift during freehand movement.  I’ve included a few of my tips of successful basting.

  • Prior to basting the quilt and batting layers together, iron the quilt (front and back) with a starch spray.
  • Make sure the back piece and batting are slightly larger than the quilt-top. (If any small shift occurs, the quilt-top is still covered!)
  • Use a good-quality basting spray. I love Sullivan’s Original Quilt Basting Spray.
  • As you baste each side to the batting, smooth away any wrinkles. For particularly difficult wrinkles, lift that corner of the quilt and gently lay down again–smoothing it as it lands on the batting.
  • Once the quilt is basted together, insert safety pins throughout the quilt–another precaution used to prevent shifting.

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  1. Diana

    May 10, 2012 at 8:05 am

    hi Vanessa,
    I am new to this craft. So by basting you don't mean with needle and thread. You mean you spray a basting starch on the fabric and then proceed.

    Thanks for this blog. I learn a lot.

    Your mom's sister in law, Diana Rawson Neves

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